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San Diego Chargers Vincent Jackson Still Not Likely to Be Traded This Week

If you didn’t know, the San Diego Chargers put Vincent Jackson on the Roster Exempt List on purpose. It was not the mistake some would have you believe it is.

I am amazed by how many of the sports gossip columnists are writing absolute junk about how the San Diego Chargers need to expeditiously trade Jackson now that his so called team suspension has been reduced from three games to one game if Jackson is traded to another team by Wednesday.

I don’t want to rule out that a team will offer a deal to Chargers general manager AJ Smith’s liking by Wednesday, but there is no urgency on San Diego’s part to make that deal happen. In other words, it better be good.

Let me try my hands at an analogy. I was recently trying to reduce the amount of stuff in my garage, so I put a lot of the items on Craigslist. I repeatedly received the question, “what’s the least you will take for this item.”

I wasn’t desperate to sell, so the answer was either:

a) What did I list it for? ….moron (you know me), or

b) Nah buddy, you make me a deal and if it’s to my liking then I’ll accept it. If not, I’ll see you later.

I was not a highly motivated seller and neither are the Chargers.

Jackson and his camp still must ask the Chargers for permission to negotiate with individual teams, the Bolts still won’t tell them what they’ll accept for Jackson, and they are still the Chargers, which means they’ll want to come out as the winners of any trade they didn’t initiate.

When the cards are in Smith’s favor, he’s a hardliner and he’s looking for a few desperate teams to take advantage of.

Several things need to happen in order for teams to become desperate:

  • the team must believe that they are close to a Super Bowl and Jackson will put them over the top,
  • injuries,
  • the coach or general manager’s job is on the line, and
  • in some cases, pressure from the fans and media

The main ingredients in desperation are time and urgency. The Chargers will need to bide their time for teams to become desperate and urgent.

They need time for a fringe contender to establish themselves at 3-2. They need time for a team’s star receiver to get injured. They need time for a coach’s hot seat to heat up. They need time for fans to become angry.

Once any of those things happen and gossip sports columnists start racing to put their name out there with pot stirring news, the flame fanning will become wildfires rather quickly and now we have desperation. To compound matters, they usually all happen at once.

If the Chargers ignore Jackson’s victory and stick to their guns, they could have more suitors willing to give up more compensation in week five when teams are a lot more prone to desperation than they are now.

Otherwise, Mr. V-Jax, his agents, and his new team better make the Chargers one hell of a deal before Wednesday.


Some San Diego Chargers Fans Need to Use Their Heads

I don’t know about all of you, but I am tired of hearing from Mike Florio from This guy has disrespected the Chargers organization all off season, because he feels like the Chargers are screwing Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeill by not offering them long term deals.

Here is a national sports writer who has his hand in way too many cookie jars . There is a reason the Chargers keep making the playoffs every year.

They plan in advance. Making rash decisions, like the Cleveland Browns signing Derek Anderson to a ridiculous deal after one season of productivity, can set a team back years. If you, as a Chargers fan, have already forgotten the end of the Bobby Beathard reign in San Diego, there is not much I can tell you that you’ll actually hear.

Florio claims that since the Chargers gave number one draft pick Ryan Mathews a long term deal, it proves that the Chargers are full of hot air by saying that they want to wait until the league and players come to an agreement before handing out big contracts.

First of all, is anyone really stupid enough to listen to that angle (actually yes). A draft pick is a special circumstance number one, and number two Ryan Mathew isn’t trying to get paid $10 million per season.

The Chargers are smart for taking their time with Vincent Jackson, because V-Jax has been harrassed by the cops not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES in his tenure as a Charger. Unlike a lot of young black and latino men (especially in San Diego) who have legitimate grips with the police for being stopped for no reason, the police were correct every time they stopped Vincent Jackson. I wouldn’t trust this guy with a dollar, let alone the $40,000,000 over four years he wants. Malcom Floyd has identical stats (based on the number of times he was thrown to) and could be resigned for much, much less than that.

This is common knowledge to many Charger fans, but over Mike Florio’s head. These same fans will turn around and forget what they know and allow themselves to be swayed by a national writer, simply because they are on a well known website.

The Chargers are smart for taking their time with McNeill, because of his injury history. Marcus McNeill is smart for holding out, because with his injury history, there is no guarantee that he won’t suffer a career ending neck injury sooner or later. With McNeill’s spinal stenosis, the Chargers are going to have a heck of a time coming up for a long term deal for Big Mac that makes since for both parties.