A Typical LaDainian Tomlinson Night In New York for the Jets

LaDainian Tomlinson stayed true to form with eight carries for 17 yards tonight for the Jets against the New York Giants. His longest run was five yards. On his other seven carries, Tomlinson averaged 1.7 yards per carry.

How will the New York media react to that?

Tomlinson also had a 14 yard catch, which is also typical of the way he performed (when given the chance) last season. Hopefully the Jets get LT more involved in the passing game than the San Diego Chargers did last year, because he is still effective in that aspect of his game.

There is no way the Jets should be taking carries away from Shonn Greene and giving them to LT. One idea is for LT to switch to receiver where he can use the abilities he has.

Either way, Tomlinson will make a good third and long option at running back with his blitz pickup and receiving skills, but would Greene be the better option here as well?


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  1. You are a dumbass. The New York media loves what they saw last night because they actually watched the game and didn’t focus solely on the stats. Watch the game fatboy! Dumbass!

    • Fatboy? LMAO. I know what you look like bro… Lay off the twinkies my brother. You chin(s) is looking quite Dom Deluise-esque.

      Why would I watch a bumblin, stumblin, not necessarily rumblin LT embarrass himself to the tune of 2 ypc? I saw it all last year, and heard the same spin. Enough.

      The NY media… What a joke. They’re kings of spin if they loved THAT performance, because they loved the original two performances against the Jets in the playoffs as well.

      LT needs to get out of the backfield. He’s done. He’s afraid to get hit. Finesse it up with the WRs LT and prolong your career brother.

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